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Welcome to the online FTP tester. Using this free service you can test if your FTP server is accessible from the Internet.

If you have setup an FTP server you can use this site to check your configuration. The tester will try to connect to the server using the address and account data you enter in the form below. The tester will analyze your server and will attempt to obtain a directory listing. If there are any problems along the way, the tester will tell you what is wrong and will display some suggestions how to fix the problem.

If you need assistance how to properly configure an FTP server and any routers or firewalls it might be behind, have a look at the configuration help.

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Privacy policy

This site does not record any personal information beyond those inherent to TCP communications and HTTP request headers. Your IP address and your HTTP requests are temprarily logged to prevent potential abuse of this site.

Your server address and account credentials are not stored. The entered data is only kept in memory during the test, all credentials are discarded directly after the test finishes. Please note that your credentials are sent in cleartext to the server if using regular FTP. To combat abuse of this website, your IP address is submitted to the FTP server being tested.

A transcript of the test is not saved. However this site may record statistics on the number of tests performed and their outcome. This site may further record the FTP server software product used by your host for statistical purposes. The statistical data is not linked to hostnames, IP addresses or other personally identifiable information.